Our Theory of Change



~VPA works with youths who are generally marginalised and vulnerable, giving them a platform not only to discuss problems but also to give recommendations on how to solve those problems and to implement their ideas in their respective communities·

~We recognise that youths are hindered by political, social and economic barriers which makes it hard for them to contribute to development therefore VPA brings youths together to try and find solutions and alternatives to these problems·

~We also recognise that there are systemic and institutional barriers that stop youths in Africa from realising their potentials so VPA works to have youths involved in international (UN, UNDP, AU, UNWomen etc) and local organisations (political parties, government, civil society etc) so that decisions may reflect what youths desire and envision.


~providing a platform for discussion and information sharing is the best way to get youths involved in solving individual, communal, national and continental problems.·

~Collaboration among youths is the best way to encourage and foster innovative thinking and action·

~Inclusion of youths in international forums and discussion can give them confidence, knowledge and motivation to effect change communally and nationally.·

~Youths need to utilise the benefits of globalisation and innovate based on global trends, taking advantage of social media, online tools and other technologies to create alternative systems and voices that defy oppressive or unchanging systems.


~Engaging, welcoming and inclusive social media and online discussions·

~Participatory discussions and conferences/forums done physically with youths·

~Meaningful and productive relationships with youths, youth groups, funding agencies and other change-makers.·

~Well-managed publication that includes voices from across the African continent.·

~Governments and institutions that are welcoming of new ideas and not deliberately repressive to alternative voices.