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Call for Papers

One of VPA’s objectives is to give youths in Africa a voice. So we thought, what better way to shout the loudest than through the African Youth Voices Quarterly! This is a unique and innovative publication where we shout together, where we paint an Africa we want- so get your brush, get your paint, the colourful continent is about to get brighter.

Each issue of African Youth Voices Quarterly tackles a specific problem and gives a variety of youths from all over Africa a chance to express themselves. We capture voices from all sections of the young and energetic society; academics, high schools students, professionals, those still trying to find themselves and those with the guts to say what others hide from. As long as you can clearly articulate yourself and you are opinionated, welcome to the movement!

Theme: Challenges to responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making in Africa: views from the youths

Virtual Planet Africa is pleased to invite African youths to submit abstracts for publication in the African Youth Voices Quarterly. The current edition will be running under the theme Challenges to responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making in Africa: views from the youths. The publication will focus mainly on SDG 10.2 that promotes universal social, economic and political inclusion for all people regardless of age, and SDG 16.7 which targets ensuring responsive, inclusive and representative decision-making at all levels by all people. 

Around 60% of Africa’s population is under the age of 25 and yet they are not included in the mainstream economy[i].VPA recognises the need for African youths to make their own way and for institutions and governments to recognise not only the need by the youths but also their potential to make a difference. The youths are not only the future of Africa but also the present. The current publication gives a platform to African youths to pinpoint lived or perceived challenges while also providing recommendations and solutions. This, we believe, can bring youths to the forefront of development and help them take control of their own situations and those of communities and nations. 

As Virtual Planet Africa we support the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and one of our core values is inclusion and diversity. It is on this backdrop that we are calling for stories and thought essays from youths all over Africa to discuss the challenges they are facing in trying to participate in mainstream society/economy/politics, recommendations on overcoming those challenges and success stories of those who have made an impact in their communities. 

Topics must be specific on youth participation and representations in various dimensions of development (environmental, social, economic, and political) in Africa. 

Articles and ideas will only be accepted if they focus on only one challenge! It may be from personal experience, observation or research. Your paper should address why youths are finding it hard to participate in a specific area of the economy, society, or politics inter alia. Papers that deal with multiple issues will not be accepted.

Guidelines for Authors 

Articles should be original contributions, not previously published, and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Final articles will be between 800-1000 words, set at the 12-point font, with 1 ½ lines spacing. An abstract of 150 words is required. 


Submissions will be accepted only from those who fit the following criteria:

  • Be an African citizen, whether resident in Africa or elsewhere
  • Be between the age of 15 and 35
  • We accept submissions from people of any race, religion or gender. Girls and people living with disabilities are especially encouraged to submit their ideas. 

Manuscript submission 

Articles submitted to Virtual Planet Africa will be reviewed by VPA staff and experts and published on Virtual Planet Africa’s website and in our publication African Youth Voices Quarterly.

Important Dates

Expression of interest: 5 October 2020 (Zimbabwe) 30 October (Other African Countries)

(Title and abstract of 150 words)

Notification to authors for accepted papers:   10 October 2020 (Zimbabwe)

30 October (Other African countries)

Full paper submission: 30 October 2020 (Zimbabwe)- TBD for other African countries


Please click this link to submit your idea. You can also make your submissions to Sylvester, providing your name, age, country and submission on email to: and CC to

Any submission after the deadline or missing any of the above will not be considered. 


Virtual Planet Africa. 

[i] Mo Ibrahim Foundation (2019) Africa’s first challenge: the youth bulge stuck in ‘waithood’

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