It’s time we rise up as youths and be heard. Virtual Planet Africa is a not-for-profit platform dedicated to giving a voice to everyone who would like to make a difference on the African continent.  We welcome discussions about development,  politics,  society, public health, science and other important issues. Globalisation calls for us to start thinking in a holistic, innovative and inclusive manner. The world we now live in calls for fitting solutions to the problems we find ourselves facing.

Democracy,  governance, environmental issues, human rights, development and many other issues are fixtures of our daily discourse and affect us in very direct and various ways. As such, we have to face anything that comes our way, coming up with appropriate and timely solutions. Our leaders are using old tools to solve new problems. It is the duty of every young person in Africa to stand up and tell their own story, to stand up and map their own future.

We therefore dedicate ourselves and all our faculties to imagining and creating an Africa that we can be proud of, using the tools we fashion ourselves and the maps already made by those who had a vision for a prosperous and independent Africa.

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